Charter Services

Bighorn Helicopters Inc. charter flying includes:

  • Passenger and/or equipment carriage departure to destination; populated or remote locations.
  • Emergency Response and Rescue
  • Medivac and patient transfer with use of medically equipped helicopter.
  • External load carriage with use of a long-line, net, or utility basket.
  • Construction site assistance for those hard to get to spots.
  • Avalanche control; helibombing.
  • Utility support; line patrol, construction, passenger transportation, scientific engineering work,
  • maintenance, hover exits, touch and go, long-line operations.
  • Aerial Seeding and Fertilizing for environmentally responsible reclamation.
  • Project planning and assessment bird’s eye and onsite view.
  • Geophysical surveys, drilling support.
  • Aerial Photography, filming.
  • Executive transportation.
  • Orchard Crop Drying via hover.

Our Company's, System Management Safety and Quality Assurance program are key factors in the planning and performing of Bighorn Helicopters Inc. flying.