Specialty Charters



Bighorn Helicopters Inc. aerial support during ungulate and predator species studies enhance results for the effective management and sustainability of this vital component of nature.
Helicopter support provided:

  • Wildlife capture with use of netgun
  • Wildlife capture with use of dartgun
  • Wildlife control
  • Wildlife data collection
  • Wildlife collar placement
  • Wildlife collar retrieval
  • Wildlife tracking
  • Wildlife surveys
  • Wildlife telemetry

The Bighorn Helicopters Inc. animal crew is the most experienced and successful crew in Canada


Bighorn Helicopters Inc. has the mountain flying training, knowledge, equipment, and experience in forest protection and growth such as:

  • Tree planting passenger and equipment positioning
  • Cone harvesting
  • Forest Health assessment, pine beetle
  • Forest Harvest planning and assessment
  • Forest Fire controlled burns, ignition and monitoring
  • Slash pile support
  • Forest Fire crew carriage
  • Forest Fire suppression, water bucketing
  • Forest Fire Managerment, birddogging
  • Forest study passenger and equipment positioning
  • Medivac of personnel from Forest

Adventure and Rescue

Bighorn Helicopters Inc. offers charter flying for those ‘off the job’, such as:

  • Sightseeing tours of remarkable remote lakes and mountains
  • Special Occasions –  Birthday, Graduation, Engagement, Wedding, Anniversary of a memorable day or event, recognition of a special persons’ life
  • Gift Certificates for those special people in your life who you want to surprise with this ‘out of the ordinary’ gift of flight
  • Heli-hiking and remote area drop-off and pick-ups

If your adventure activity in a remote area suddenly changes and you or your group require transportation and/or medical aid, Bighorn Helicopters Inc. has the capabilities of:

  • Transporting you and/or your group to a safe location
  • Aerial Search and Rescue
  • Mountain rescue, long-lining
  • Flying in trained medical personnel for your immediate care and return to a safe location