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Canadian Transport Agency Tarriff Documents

In accourdance with the Canada Transportation Act (hereinafter the CTA), and the Air Transportation Regulations (hereinafter the ATR) Big Horn Helicopters Inc. is required to make available a Local Domestic Tariff. For a customized pricing quote, please contact contact Janice Wilson jwilson@bighorn.ca 250.489.2517.

Bighorn Helicopters Inc. Local Domestic Tariff: CTATariff-Amdmt-JUN2020.pdf (1.4 MB)


Excerpt from the CTA Website


The term “Tariff” is defined in the CTA as:

“A schedule of fares, rates, charges and terms and conditions of carriage applicable to the provision of an air service and other incidental services”.

Tariffs should outline the terms and conditions under which the carrier operates its business as it relates to the transportation of passengers, baggage or goods. Although most carriers will have similar tariffs, each carrier should ensure that its tariff is applicable to and meets the needs of its own operation and is in accordance with the provisions of the CTA and the ATR.

The purpose of a tariff is to protect both the carrier and the consumer against unexpected demands or conditions imposed upon it by the other party due to misunderstanding. It functions as the contract of carriage between the passenger and the carrier.